Harrington's Care A Lot Child Care Center


School Age Childcare

Before School

  • Drop off only (No transportation provided)
  • Bathroom break / Wash Hands / Brush Teeth / Daily Health Check
  • Breakfast
  • Playtime
  • Clean up
  • Off to School

After School

  • Bathroom break / Wash Hands
  • PM Snack
  • Free Playtime
  • Homework Club

School Vacations, 1/2 Days and Snow Days (Upon Request)

  • Space is limited so schedule as soon as possible.


Parent’s Responsibilities

  • To read parent notifications posted by teacher pertaining to upcoming events, & activities.
  • Notify the center if your child has a communicable disease(anything contagious).
  • Keep your child’s information up to date, emergency #’s, immunization records, etc.
  • Children need to bring packed breakfast, lunch and dinner if they will be at the center during meal times.

We are not responsible for items brought to the childcare center by your child. (electronic games, phones, etc.)

Day care Center’s Responsibilities

  • The center will provide your child with a tooth brush and tooth paste to be used daily; we will replace these items as needed.
  • We will provide nutritious morning and afternoon snacks, please let us know if your child has any food allergies.
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