Harrington's Care A Lot Child Care Center


Preschool 1 (3-4 Year Old) Childcare & Daycare

Daily Program

6:00-9:00am Free Play / Welcome
9:15am Snack
9:30am Learning Centers
10:30am Circle Time
11:00am Gym / Outside
11:30am Lunch
12:15pm Rest time
2:00pm Quiet Play
3:00pm Snack
3:30am Gym / Outside
4:00-6:30pm Free Play / Goodbye


Parent’s Responsibilities

  • To read parent notifications posted by teacher pertaining to upcoming events, & activities.
  • Notify the center if your child has a communicable disease(anything contagious).
  • Keep your child’s information up to date, emergency #’s, immunization records, etc.
  • Children need to bring packed breakfast, lunch and dinner if they will be at the center during meal times.

You will need to provide the center with:

  • A backpack for your child daily, to keep belongings organized
  • One box of crayons (every 4months)
  • A pair of child scissors
  • Three glue sticks
  • 1) blanket, 1) crib sheets
  • Extra change of clothes

 These items need to be labeled with your child’s name and replaced as needed for adequate care of your child.

Day care Center’s Responsibilities

  • The center will provide your child with a tooth brush and tooth paste to be used daily; we will replace these items as needed.
  • We will provide wipes for your child to clean their face as needed throughout the day.
  • We supply your child with an art smock.
  • We laundry your child’s bedding weekly, unless needed sooner.  
  • We will notify you when your child’s supplies are running low.
  • We will provide nutritious morning and afternoon snacks, please let us know if your child has any food allergies.

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